• info_outlineHow the tool works

    The Weapon Stats Calculator is based on the Legendary-O-rater of Substitutemyown. As I have seen this tool wasn't too much user friendly, I decided to do my own tool with a better interface.

    The Weapon Stats Calculator as the same functioning as the Legendary-o-Rater. What it does is simple: It calculates the quotient between, the difference between the value of your weapon and the minimum value of that category, and the difference between the minimum and maximum value of this category. It's the same work with each stats of your weapon . And with it gives you a rate on a scale of 0 to 100. 0 is the worst and 100 the best. In a second part, it compares all the rate of weapon and gives you another rate for the overall judgement that is also on a scale of 0 to 100.

    At the moment the scale is cut in 7 part:
    - 0 to 10 ─► Worst
    - 10 to 20 ─► Very bad
    - 20 to 40 ─► Bad
    - 40 to 60 ─► Average
    - 60 to 80 ─► Good
    - 80 to 90 ─► Very Good
    - 90 to 100 ─► Perfect

  • info_outlineSome numbers about weapons
    Legendary weapons
    Crit chance15%25%
    Crit multiplier180%200%
    Skill Bonus10%15%
    Max Energy+20+25
    Cooldown Reduction+5%+10%
    Epic weapons
    Crit chance15%20%
    Crit Multiplier160%190%
    Skill Bonus7%9%
    Max Energy+15+20
    Cooldown Reduction+3%+5%

    For more info go [Guide] Warlords Weapon Stats